REACH 2008



 I’m a Graffiti writer/artist from Melbourne, Australia &  have been activly painting since the late 80’s.
Inspired by Melbourne & New Yorks train writers & style kings of the mid to late 80’s. Crews like Aka, Dma, Wca, Ac, C2f & more.
These days consentrating mainly on larger scale production walls, Semi wildstyle & 3d style pieces.

2008 3d

for more check out:


Here’s a couple of flix of my pieces from the last year or so.





2008 REACH



2008 Reach & Naser


One thought on “REACH 2008

  1. you got some really sweet styles going on there. remember those ReachTilter trains that came through to Europe in the early 90s. respect. Rely UrchinBoys

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