KINGS WAY-Melbourne graffiti 1983-93 Book

kings way


KINGS WAY – The beginnings of Melbourne Graffiti  1983 to 1993.

Kings Way pays homage to the first decade of graffiti & style writing in Melbourne from the early beginnings way back in 1983 up untill  the start of the clean train movement in 1993. Focusing on the first generation of pioneers, the foundations of style & the artists, writers & crews that shaped the scene.

  This is by far the most thorough &  comprehensive book ever made on Australian graffiti. In the making for nearly 10 years  it delves deeply into the origins of the Melbourne scene & the underground graffiti culture of the time.

Published by Melbourne University & released in hard cover with around 400 pages of walls, trains, interviews, artist profiles & the most amazing photo’s you’ll see from that era. It’s set for release in the very near future & should be in book stores by the middle of  this year!!!


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