GS38 website

gs 38 1

AG27, Prime, The Grand 38 | Astro, GS38, Prime | Jolimont | 1985
Two Future Four whole cars


“The Grand Sorcerer Thirty-Eight (GS38) was the original Hip Hop graffitist in Melbourne, Australia. Painting from 1984 to 1986, with a brief comeback in 1988, he was the author of The Future Four and Wild Boyz crews. WildStyle inspired ‘GS38’ was the first piece in inner Melbourne. ” 

” GS38 first met Astro (AKA Dskyz) , the king of style, at Hollywood. Soon thereafter they teamed up with the ambitious young Prime and Future Four, the original Melbourne crew, was born.” (taken from Gs38 website)

If you want a history lesson on the birth of graffiti in Melbourne, the crews TWB ( The wild boys) & Future 4, Prime, GS38, Astro (Dskyz) & more check out the Gs38 site!

GS38 (1984)

Hollywood, Windsor (1984)


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