Kings Way book update


Well its finally here.  A very small number books landed this week before the main stock hits our shores early July. I was lucky enough to get a copy last night & I can say its so good its all a bit over whelming.

 The photo quality is outstanding & the photo’s! The photo’s are amazing. Taken by a generation of writers the book features so many classic & rare photo’s from Melbournes golden years of  graffiti. The writers back then had so much style . 

Anyone who grew up in that era will be flooded with a thousand crazy memories of panels running through Richmond, B boys & B girls, The abattoirs, getting up & some best Graffiti art from the 80’s & early 90’s. Those who didn’t get a rare look at many of the best photo’s taken from the time, the pioneers, the kings & many of the dedicated writers that helped make graffiti in Melbourne what it is today.


Seeing so many of the pieces that influenced me when I was growing up & the old school graff I’d never had the chance to see before really blew me away.

 All round one of the best quality books I’ve seen on graffiti & to have a book on Melbourne is incredible. Something I never ever expected to see.

Congratulations to the three authors for hanging in there for so many years from that initial idea nearly 10 years ago & having such commitment & patience to produce such a high quality book !!  


spreadsDon’t Don’t miss out on the limited edition cover releases. They’ll sell out quite quickly so get in soon before they do.

Here’s a link to the blog you can pre-order copies & get a few sneak peaks of the book!



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