Graffiti & Lettering [Influences] Record Cover Design

Fades, Background glows, Bands, 3d, Shading and Stars were all adopted by the early writers in New York during the 70’s and have now become common place in graffiti. Sign Writers, Record Cover Designers, Artists and Typographers as well as art movements like Art Nouveau, Pop Art, Psychedelic Art, Poster Design, Cubism, Surrealism and many more  have all had a massive influence on graffiti artists and designers in today’s world. Ideas have been copied, reworked, updated and combined together to form new styles and with advances in technology, art, design and graffiti keep progressing to new heights.

I thought I’d do a series of posts on some of the different influences that have inspired me and I’m sure others in their art and design. I wanted to start with Record Cover Design and show some that have used letters, color and text that remind me of graffiti and some of the techniques that have quite obviously been adopted and used in Graffiti over the years.

1980 Pyramid (Australia)

70’s Dexter Wansel (Philadelphia USA)

1978 Panama (France)

1982 Zapp II (USA)

Early 70’s Jimmy Cliff

1978 Commodores (USA)

1978 Spaced Out Moog (France)


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