Puma x Bodé Mid [“The Lizard” Puma Clydes]

PUMA® has collaborated once again with Mark Bodé and the legendary, cheeky characters of his father, Vaughn Bodé. Launching the limited edition Bodé Cheech Wizard PUMA Clydes back in 2007 and this year, we honor Bodé by reuniting Cheech with one of his most notable partners, Da Lizard.

PUMA takes the character and the legacy and transforms them into the PUMA x Bodé Mid “Da Lizard”. This PUMA Mid is available in two colors: blue and green. Both shoes integrate Bodè’s lush shapes with clever stitching details. The eyes and body of Da Lizard are embroidered; his body colored in a subtle, but distinctive, green to yellow fade. The left and right sockliners feature Da Lizard in different attire, while the right tongue lining features his face and the left features the Da Lizard logo. The finishing touch is the PUMA logo set beside Vaughn Bodé’s signature.



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