Our Roots and what The Universal Zulu Nation stands for..

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The Mighty Universal Zulu Nation

Our Roots

The Universal Zulu Nation is the founding family of Hip Hop Culture. It is an international grassroots community-based organization that was started by a young student named Afrika Bambaataa in the Bronx borough of New York City in 1973 to empower communities by uniting the artistic elements of Hip Hop.

Today the Universal Zulu Nation teaches Factology vs. belief, deals with World History, Global Constitutional Rights and International Law, Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom and Right Understanding that we can Innerstand and Overstand with Sound Right Reasoning.

The Universal Zulu Nation stands for :

Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom,Justice, Equality, Peace, Unity, Love , Respect,Work , Fun , Overcoming the Negative to the Positive
Economics, Mathematics, Science, Life, Truth, Facts, Faith, and the Oneness of the Supreme Force!

What We Believe …

Although we are strong believers in the culture of Hip Hop, we realise that this is a real world, with real problems and real solutions.
We strive to do our best to uplift ourselves first, and then show fallen humanity how to uplift
themselves and others mentally, spiritually, physically, economically and socially.


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