Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion [Newcleus,The B Boys,Captain Rock,Arthur Baker]

The Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion is a celebration of Hip Hop/Electro music and street culture featuring live artist performances by NEWCLEUS, CAPTAIN ROCK, THE B BOYS feat. DJ CHUCK CHILLOUT and ARTHUR BAKER! For those who remember the early days of Electro/Hip Hop this will be one of the most eagerly awaited events in London for many many years. This is where Hip Hop began! Many journalists and music historians have credited the iconic Street Sounds record label and the classic ‘Electro’ series as introducing the Electro/Hip Hop genre to the mainstream UK population as well as launching numerous artists.

After almost 12 months of planning, this will be a night to remember; in the main room will be Hip Hop/Electro and the artist performances. Between the performances we will have a great line up of DJs including DJ MIRAGE, MIKE GEE, ANDY SMITH spinning Electro, Hip Hop & R&B; from the original series right up to today’s Nu Electro series. The MC for the evening will be BBC’s DAVE PEARCE. There will also be B-Boy battles, performances and a few other surprises!

In the large foyer will be a Street Sounds Memorabilia and Graffiti Exhibition to walk around and enjoy as well as a special lino area for those who want to get down and show off their B-Boy/Breaking skills.

The Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion will be filmed and a DVD will be released soon after the event.

Ticket Prices: £35 in advance. £40 on the night.

Door Times: 7.00pm to 3.00am

What was ‘UK Fresh ’86’?

‘UK Fresh’ was a groundbreaking Hip Hop event staged at Wembley Arena, London in 1986. The biggest rap event of the 80’s, the concert saw 15,000 street music fans witness some of the biggest underground Electro and Hip Hop artists of the day performing together on one bill for the very first time. The line up included Africa Bambaattaa, Grandmaster Flash, Roxanne Shante, Hashim, Mantronix, Lovebug Starksi, World Class Wreckin Cru, DJ Cheese and Word of Mouth MC’s and many more (full line up see below). Nothing on this scale had ever been attempted in Europe before.

UK Hip Hop History was made – The early days of Electro and Hip Hop…



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