Rodney James Oleary Aka JCEE / Rock City Funk [ Rest in Peace ]

It was very Sad to hear the news of an old friend & RCF crew member “Rodney James Oleary  AKA JCEE” passing away recently . Although I hadn’t seen him in many years I held a great deal of respect for him. He was a talented artist, one of Sydney’s most active and skilled writers during the 80’s as well as being one of Australia’s first true train Kings.

Classic Posse Shot with JCEE Chilling with Oz Hip Hop heavy weights, Def Wish, Reason, Merma, Dj Krisy and the crew!

Below is a small sample of his work (taken from the internet) as well as a few of the dedication walls that have been painted in his memory.

Rest In Peace – JCEE / Rock City Funk / Rodney James Oleary

Dedication wall by Seven & Skore

Dedication wall by Jme & Dkae

“Sadly one of Sydney and Australia’s first generation pioneer writers passed away unexpectedly 31st of July, 2011.
JCEE was a king, an innovator, a mentor, an inspiration and friend to many, leading by example and burning for many years in the Sydney scene, from very early on as a member of TDF and RCF. Our thoughts and condolences go out to JCEE’s family, friends, loved ones and crew at this tough time. This massive memorial piece was done by Poser, Kode, Jasy, Take and Skore.I love Graffiti



This massive memorial piece was done by Poser, Kode, Jasy, Take and Skore.

Jcee – 2009 busting a pose in front of his freshly painted burner!

All these photo’s have been taken from websites off the net so I hope nobody minds me sharing them.

181 B4U

Sydney Old School Graffiti Artists

JCEE showing off his BLAZE PATCH

JCEE showing off his BLAZE PATCH
Photo by pjaydee


Photo by pjaydee


9 thoughts on “Rodney James Oleary Aka JCEE / Rock City Funk [ Rest in Peace ]

  1. Yo Reach, Thanx for Posting this much respect 2 u & Tha Man With Tha Can – R.J.O’L R.I.P
    RCF should’ve been called RCFP – Rod Can Fark’n Paint
    gr8 2 c a few ov my Pics up here, much more than just Pics 2 me… more like gr8 memories… 1 Luv, Peace ‘n Respect
    Treva Sutcliffe aka Tha Camera Kid From Vapors Mag, aka Mix Masta Myme aka Dj Trevalution aka ….. M 2 tha E
    p.s Pete ( LUCK Tourin’ Da Future) Wot-a-Killa … How U doin? msg me back @ FB

  2. Y’all won’t know me but I remember going to Jcee’s plc Michelle Drv Twenty a few times…he inspired a lot of writers at that time….was a glorious time for Sydney graf…RCF, TDF, PIC, DTL, RSL….I remember the black town legals….SOS, state of shock lol…Boste…Damet…Bode…Ariole…geez those were the days man

  3. I little storey about the man himself jcee the first night I met him we went to waste a couple carriages in Sydney’s subway the three of us bombing this train when all the lights came on in the tunnel I should of stuck with jace but I had only just met this guy instead the transits got me and Daniel and jcee got away having those long legs he blitz the transits chasing him they had no chance what so ever . That guy walked Sydney’s train lines tagged everything and everywhere lol .We hit campbelltown train yards one night ten minutes into it the cleaners were walking through saw wat was happening then must of called the cops we finished that whole car under an hour . We then climbed a fence and waited and watched the transits get there take photos then leave that was cool he was one cool customer Damm the man had skills .I also was there at chullora yards and helped him with his first fitura whole car fuk that was also pretty mean.Shit I better shut up I might be incriminating myself lol

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