ROYAL DEVIATES Exhibition / Sept 2nd / RDC Crew [Jors, Prowla and Shem]

Jors and Shem

Had the guys come around this afternoon to sign their prints for the ‘Seasons of Change‘ show. The prints will be available this friday night at Revolver and then from our webstore from late next week. The guys will be painting the outside walkway wall at Revolver this week, really looking forward to seeing it and all the original artwork for the rest of their exhibition.

Danger Fork

SEASONS OF CHANGE – Brought to you by Revolver Upstairs in conjunction with GraffixCreative and DangerFork. ‘Seasons of Change’ is an exciting new event that will showcase new and established artists both local and international. Seasons of Change will be held at Revolver Upstairs on the first Friday of every third month, coinciding with the change of season. Each event will be totally different to the last, catered


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