A quick introduction. I’m an Graffiti writer / Artist from Melbourne Australia. I got involved in painting in the late 80’s when Melbourne was at its peak. When I  started out I never really imagined graffiti could grow and develop into what it has today. The styles and ideas have changed throughout the years, the rules and boundaries are gone and now anything goes as far as style is concerned. This has been good but also bad in many ways.

I’ve been actively creating art and painting murals and pieces for many years, concentrating on different  letter styles, colour, perspective and design. I’ve tried to stay true to the basic concepts and expand on ideas originated by graffiti pioneers from Melbourne, New York around the world.
Inspired by art from around the world, from painting to sculpture, architecture,photography,graffiti & street art.

A firm believer in “Graffiti as an art form”.


I’ve always seen graffiti as an art that has no limits. Graffiti, Typography, Calligraphy, Sign writing & Graphic design are all based around the use of lettering.  The art of  piecing is all about the style & flow of  letters. Warping & twisting letters into 3 dimensional forms through the use of perspective,colour & shading, using letters in simplicistic & minimal ways or taking them to extremes through abstraction & wildstyle.

These days I mainly consentrate  on larger scale production walls, Semi wildstyle pieces & 3d graffiti art. I find 3D & perspective the most interesting to paint because it pushes me to think of new ways to view letters.

For more check out:  http://www.myspace.com/reach_wca

Just as many art movements from the past have been misunderstood by the general public. Art movements such as expressionism, surrealism, abstract art & so on were all shunned by the masses but once the hype & negativity passed with time they have been embraced & celebrated world wide & accepted as important art movements.  Graffiti art also gets a bad rep due to the nature of the culture,the media bias & the illegal nature of some aspects of graffiti.

The art form has progressed to new heights over the last 30+ years & has become one of the biggest art movements in history. Like it or hate it Graffiti  & aerosol art are a massive part of today’s culture.

This blog will focus on the art of the streets in many different forms. From Art to music. Australia’s soul, funk & jazz from the 70’s till now, Vinyl collecting, Street Art in all forms, Movies, Exhibitions, Artists & Hip hop culture.

I’m lucky to have been involved heavily in the Melbourne Graffiti & Hip Hop scene over the 20+ years & have seen it develop from an underground movement of passionate teenagers expressing their art. No magazines, mobile phones, Internet or email. To what is today.

Keep an open mind


Peace & enjoy

Reach Wca


All art work & photography by the artist Reach  is copywrite & remains the property of the artists. Reach © 2009